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Join us on our journey to develop a community-centric, cloud-based research and discovery platform for the brain health community.

Access to the BRAIN Commons is Tiered:

BRAIN Commons - DataZone 1 – Public Access

  • Any User can access Zone 1 by registering with a valid email (public access).

Zone 2 - Controlled AccessZone 2 – Controlled Access

  • All Qualified Researchers with Data Access Committee (DAC) approval have access to shared, restricted-access research data.

Zone 3 - Restricted AccessZone 3 – Restricted Access

  • Designated Users with cohort-specific permission have access to individual restricted-access research datasets.

For more information on accessing the BRAIN Commons, becoming a member and/or contributing data to the BRAIN Commons or developing tools for the BRAIN Commons, please see Become a User and Become a Member.

If you have questions regarding any aspect of the Commons, pleaseĀ contact us.