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GOT-IT Recommendations

Guidelines on Target Assessment for Innovative Therapeutics

The GOT-IT recommendations consider the complexity of tasks associated with bridging the gap between basic science research findings and the identification of clinically effective products. The guidelines suggest the need for an environment where academic research teams focusing on newly identified drug targets can connect with experienced and qualified expert industry teams in support of successful drug discovery and development.

The GOT-IT Expert Platform, hosted on the BRAINCommons is designed to facilitate these interactions. Based on an innovative match-making algorithm, the platform helps academic scientists recruit drug discovery experts, receive timely and well-informed advice, and develop a more extended network of partnerships to ultimately increase the exchange between Industry and Academia. A set of onboarding questions ensures that project-specific goals and individual needs are taken into account so that productive collaborations can provide the most relevant and meaningful support for early-phase translational drug discovery programs.

Read more in the journal article published in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery