The BRAINCommons Community

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The BRAINCommons Community

The BRAINCommons Community allows all Users to join the quest for understanding and promoting Brain Health. Within the Community, you establish your own profile, and identify your research interests. You can choose to share this information and your ideas with the Community and participate in Team Science.

BRAIN Commons communityThe BRAINCommons Community is a space that sparks productive collaboration to drive novel diagnostic and treatment solutions by introducing colleagues to each other outside their normal circle of interaction. Successful collaborations are designed to arise from the right combination of similarity and difference, and are data-driven, based on the organization we work in, the work we do, and the tools and data we use. This information is gathered from each user when they create their profile, and can be updated as needed.

Research doesn’t happen in a vacuum; however, access to the right expertise can be elusive and impactful connections are often serendipitous.
The BRAINCommons Community will allow users to spark new encounters to find the right partners for productive collaboration.