Become a Member

The BRAIN Commons Membership Program is intended to provide an opportunity for external organizations, including non-profit, industry, government and academic organizations, to leverage the infrastructure investments made by Cohen Veterans Bioscience and the Open Commons Consortium and maximize cost-effectiveness for maintenance costs through shared financial support.

Members will:

  • Become part of a public-private partnership that will enable and stimulate brain-related data sharing and analysis.
  • Benefit from extensive due diligence and substantial investments from Cohen Veterans Bioscience, the Open Commons Consortium and University of Chicago.
  • Receive updates on BRAIN Commons development activities through regular status reports and biannual Partner Advisory Committee face-to-face meetings.
  • Join an established initiative without having to incur the transaction costs needed to create a new consortium.
  • Become part of a growing community, with new data and analytics tools coming online continuously.
  • Have the ability to conduct cross-brain disease analysis by seamlessly integrating data with other BRAIN Commons datasets.
  • Be recognized on the BRAIN Commons website, electronic and printed materials, and select press communications (where appropriate).

For more information on becoming a member or for other Partnership or Sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.