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BEAT-PD Data Release

The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) in coordination with Sage Bionetworks and the BRAIN Commons (BC) launched the The Biomarker and Endpoint Assessment to Track Parkinson’s Disease (BEAT-PD) Challenge in January 2020. The Challenge was designed to benchmark methods for the processing of unstructured (free-living) sensor data, in order to be predictive of Parkinson’s Disease severity. Participants were provided with raw sensor (accelerometer and gyroscope) time series data recorded during the course of daily living and were asked to predict individuals’ medication state and symptom severity.

Data is now available to researchers once they have completed a request process, created by the BC Team in concert with MJFF, and have been approved. Approval requires requesting access to the data by clicking the button below.

The approval process is outlined in the figure below and will take anywhere from 2-3 weeks. To be granted access, you must read and agree to the MJFF Data Access Agreements and the Intellectual Property and Publication Policies.

For more information on the data, please see here.


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